Computational social science: Exam preparation

2.6. Computational social science: Exam preparationΒΆ

  1. Please define computational social science following Theocharis and Jungherr [2021].

  2. Please discuss critically the promise and challenges of computational social science.

  3. Please sketch the typical steps of the project pipeline in computational social science and discuss critically some of the decisions researchers face along the way.

  4. Please discuss the data generating process of Twitter and its consequences for what type of question Twitter data is suited and what type it is not.

  5. Please discuss why we can expect to find insight in social and political phenomena by the computationally assisted analysis of text? What are potentials? What are limitations?

  6. Please define the term digital trace data following Howison, Wiggins, and Crowston [2011].

  7. Please discuss along the lines of Howison, Wiggins, and Crowston [2011] for what type of research project digital trace data are suited and for what type they are not?

  8. What questions do you have to answer to ensure your work with digital trace data is valid according to Howison, Wiggins, and Crowston [2011]?